A Very Strange Religious Service

Written by Paul Zannucci on 1:09 PM

Since his election, Barack Obama has found himself the witness to some of the oddest religious services. Between yesterday's Rick Warren invocation and today's National Prayer Service, there hasn't been a single angry pastor screaming to "goddamn Amerikkka!"

At a long abandoned Christian blog that never got off the ground but which I am trying to resurrect, Christian News, I have an article on yesterday's invocation and the implications of the ever advancing secular army that is trying to force Christianity, and all religions, to the fringe of society and out of the public eye.

Under the mantel of "freedom from religion," public ceremonies like yesterday's inaugural are becoming more and more ridiculous. Almost stopped altogether by lawsuits from atheists, Christian Pastor Rick Warren managed to stand before the world and deliver a "diverse" prayer, including nods to Judaism and Islam.

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