Last blogger in the world on this one...

Written by Paul Zannucci on 10:19 AM

As usual, the libs are up to their ridiculous old tricks of demonizing their oponents, but now they've taken it a step too far. No longer is it good enough for them to simply lie about Republicans trying to destroy the planet and starve little children and the elderly. We've now become official enemies of the state according to the new version of the Homeland Security Department.

Now, anyone who is pro-life, a veteran or opposes illegal immigration is being labled a "domestic right-wing extremist." Talk about taking it to a new level. We're now not just dangerous, we're full-fledged enemies of the state. And you know what? Perhaps we should be. This administration is doing more to unravel the freedom and sovereignty that our country's forefathers fought for than all previous administrations combined.

Perhaps we should wear our new labels proudly: Domestic Right-Wing Extremist Shirts.

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