MF's quick follow-up...

Written by Paul Zannucci on 9:50 AM

And to dovetail on Terry's views, I would argue that conservatives believe that - regardless of your personal religion or lack thereof - Judeo Christian moral values should dominate American society.

Take the issue of abortion. What middle ground is there? Can you be neutral on such an issue?
If abortion results in the death of an innocent human being, why should I allow someone to be able to make the "choice" to kill another human being?

The simple point of fact is that classic liberalism - the view that people have individual freedom and individual responsibility - is the unique byproduct of Judeo-Christianity. If it's something that comes out of the left, then the communists should have been doing it (you might notice they haven't and never even tried to do it). Human dignity only exists when the Imago Dei is a presupposition of a society.

MF's first response to the shot from TB

Written by Paul Zannucci on 9:08 PM

I'm not going to take my ball and go home over the "age of the earth" thing (and in fact I argue from the view of "old earth" when trying to convince someone of the Creator God of the Bible), but...

I look at the flat-out mockery that "science" has made of "the science of global warming" and compare it to the similar mockery that "science" made out of "the science of evolution." And I realize the IDENTICAL crap is going on with global warming that has gone on with Darwinian evolution for decades. It's not about "science"; it's about a philosophy or ideology that is IMPOSED onto science which is then itself then called "science."

I'm personally very open to a young earth view. I trust what the Bible says far more than I trust what the people who gave Al Gore a Nobel Prize for science say. I don't see one reason whatsoever anymore to allow "science" to dictate what I believe and what I accept to be true given the terrible history of deception and propaganda that way too many scientists have propagated in its name. They've pretty much forfeited all credibility in the "meta" issues.

To put it this way: Christians don't need the young earth view to be true to be Christians; neither do they necessarily need evolution to be false to be Christians. Atheists NEED the old earth view AND evolution to be true. So they must necessarily be entirely rabid and vicious on both fronts. Christians can and should be willing to argue with light rather than heat on the age of the universe.

Bottom line: none of us were there when God created all time, space, energy, and matter ex nihilo. And the biblical record of Genesis 1-4 is definitely open to interpretation.
I'm just sayin'.