MF's quick follow-up...

Written by Paul Zannucci on 9:50 AM

And to dovetail on Terry's views, I would argue that conservatives believe that - regardless of your personal religion or lack thereof - Judeo Christian moral values should dominate American society.

Take the issue of abortion. What middle ground is there? Can you be neutral on such an issue?
If abortion results in the death of an innocent human being, why should I allow someone to be able to make the "choice" to kill another human being?

The simple point of fact is that classic liberalism - the view that people have individual freedom and individual responsibility - is the unique byproduct of Judeo-Christianity. If it's something that comes out of the left, then the communists should have been doing it (you might notice they haven't and never even tried to do it). Human dignity only exists when the Imago Dei is a presupposition of a society.

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