So this was the email that started the battle...

Written by Paul Zannucci on 10:31 PM

Email # 1 from me, igniting the theological/philosophic argument ready to ensue...

Not naming names (name removed) but the best way to communicate with me over site errors is actually to send me an email as opposed to placing a comment in some random location on the site ; )p But I did fix the registration process.

Got us linked up a bunch of places, and we've had our best "search engine" day by far (largely owing to our gleeful skewering of Wanda Sykes). So far today we've had 171 search engine hits. We still aren't on the first 50 pages of Google for "Political News" but that may well be in the top 5 most competitive keywords out there considering how often news sites are linked from blogs. On the bright side, in addition to our search hits improving, we do come up on page 1 in Google for Annuit Coeptis now. Search engine hits will go up and down, but the overall trend should continually be upward. Linking will continue until we pass CNN...

Got annoyed at a troll and created a page called "Age of Earth." By the way, I have a great deal of flexibility on almost all issue positions, but on this one I do not. It is the official, and only, stance of Annuit Coeptis that the planet is approximately 4.5 billion years old. I'm not telling you to be a naturalist, but we don't argue about things like the age of the planet.

Fixed (name removed) and (name removed) in the sidebar. If (name removed) would like a different picture, please let me know.

At some point I added a "Most Popular Stories" to the sidebar, at least I think it was me. Hey, I said my brain was improving; I didn't say it was perfect. It will show the most popular posts from the last seven days.

Did some category work, but am still a little unsettled as to what, exactly, to do there.

Made a slight design adjustment.

Made a short blog post.

Monetized our feedburner feed with adsense--at least I think I did. That process was a bit odd. We now have 4 subscribers. I'm getting tingly.

Put up the "Help Wanted" sign, but with a little twist this time...

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