Republicans "Swiftboating" Democrats on Energy?

Written by Paul Zannucci on 8:29 AM

I've actually seen a few liberal blogs, which I refuse to link to, who are now making the claim that Republicans are "swiftboating" the Democrats on energy.

Let's get this straight, Republicans are partially to blame for the current crisis. They sat back for years and let the global warming hysteria and anti-drilling movement go uncontested. But that is where the heart of this energy and economic crisis is--environmental activism driving down supply. Which political party do you think is leading that charge?

And which party do you think is leading the mass ignorance about nuclear power? We are the only major economy that treats nuclear energy with the same superstitious wariness usually reserved for black cats and walking under ladders. And it can all be traced to Democratic fear mongering, Democratic politicians "looking out for you" in order to get your vote.

One can only wish that the entire country would wake up as the people of West Virginia woke up. It wasn't that long ago that West Virginia used to vote Democrat in the presidential election with great regularity. Finally, the people realized that the candidates they were voting for were against West Virginia coal production, and they voted for G.W. Bush twice and are leaning to McCain in this election. Now it's not just a matter of local coal production. No matter where you live, you have good reason to vote the energy nay-sayers out of office.

Drill Here, Drill Now

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