An Attaboy from a New Voice and a Response

Written by Paul Zannucci on 10:28 PM

FF lends his voice in this first email simply as an attaboy sort of thing for MF, who then responds anyway. I put them both in this same post...

From FF:

MF: Well said, as usual.
Science is knowledge; faith is belief. No matter what you know or think you know, the critical moment in religion is when you take "the leap of faith."
Or look at it this way: Jesus doesn't care how old you think the Earth is; He does care how you treat your neighbor now.

Follow-up from MF:

I'd have to add a couple of provisos about the statement that "science is knowledge and religion is faith."

For one thing, I would argue that faith IS a form of knowledge. I may not be able to scientifically validate that I love my mother, but I know I do anyway. And I may not be able to scientifically demonstrate that the Living God of the Bible is a real and constant actor in my life, but I still know it's true.

On the other hand, science is very often NOT "knowledge" at all. Think again about global warming and the crap that has been presented as "science."

I wrote an article about the how the limits of human knowledge impact upon the scientific project from a study I did on Immanuel Kant: (address of paper deleted)

Some basic things to realize are that science came out of Judeo-Christianity. Christianity provided the worldview necessary for science to derive its essential presuppositions. And it is no accident that the founder of the scientific method, and the discoverers of every major branch of science, were publicly confessed Christians.

There is no conflict between religion and science, when both "religion" and "science" are properly understood. Institutional religion (including Christianity) have gone quite wrong and off the track in the past, but it is now institutional science that is thoroughly and terribly off track today.
And both the scientist and the theologian should have some ultimate level of humility that he/she doesn't have all the answers about all the questions. God has told us quite a few things, but if I knew EVERYTHING I'd basically BE God.

A quick and dirty two-step theology:
1) There is a God
2) I am not Him.

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