Back and forth, FF and me

Written by Paul Zannucci on 11:56 AM

Just a joke that occurred in the midst of an argument, with the ever affable FF as the instigator:

From FF:

Old joke:
A scientist giving a public talk about the cosmos is interrupted by someone in the audience screaming hysterically. He rushes to where the person is sitting and asks what is wrong. "What you just said," she replies, "about the sun going nova and burning the earth to a cinder." "But I said that won't happen for a billion years," says the scientist, "there's no need to worry about it right now." "Oh," says the woman, regaining composure, "forgive me; I thought you said million."

From Me:

re your joke...Sometimes the strangest things are depressing to me for no good reason. I was watching something on the death of the ever-expanding universe (I don't know what the latest thoughts on that is), and I actually found myself becoming melancholy over it--as though collapsing in upon itself would have been better for me personally.

From FF:

The reason I remember that joke, which is really old, from the sixties, is that I get depressed thinking the earth might have only a million years left.
Like it matters.

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