It's not Obama's fault...

Written by Paul Zannucci on 9:30 AM

(Image: Bill Clinton explaining that it was actually an unnamed staffer who got carried away and slept with Monica Lewinski).

Did you have any brothers or sisters? Did you ever get grilled by your mother when your sibling wasn't there and decide to conveniently pass off the blame? This only worked for a limited time because eventually your sibling, if they were old enough, would not go gently to the whipping post. Just think how convenient it would have been if you had only had a vast quantity of mostly unknown brothers and sisters to pass the blame to. Such is the convenient situation that Obama finds himself.

Jake Tapper, National Correspondent with ABC, provides a pretty entertaining list of ten to fourteen (depending on how you look at it) cases where something embarrassing gets passed off into the empty vastness of the staffer family tree.

You can read this piece here.

I wonder how this will work for President Obama? Do you think people will continue to let him toss imaginary people under the bus, or will he be forced to attach actual names to his blunders? One thing is for certain, I'd hate to be on his staff when the rubber of the bus tires actually meets the road.

And what does this say about his personality? Here is a man who cannot admit an error. Not only that, he cannot stop himself from blaming others. As it says on a blog promoting Hillary for an independent run, "No wonder his wife is so angry all the time. Not only is she the one who constantly misplaces his keys, but she’s getting tired of peeing on the seat and leaving the lid up, too."

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