The Will of the People

Written by D. Pitney on 7:33 AM

In a never ending, we are smarter than the voters battle, the brilliant Judges on the CA Supreme Court overturned the ban on same sex marriages. (See attached article for more details: ) I am not going to argue same sex marriages here even though I am strongly opposed. However I do want to point out that what happened in this case should scare everyone into voting for conservatives who will appoint conservative Justices at both the state and national levels.

In 2000 CA voters approved a law banning same sex marriages. (The Will of the People) This law was upheld by an appeals court in 2006 because this was the “expressed wish of the majority”. (Thank God some court understands “The Will of the People”) Now in a “we can’t discriminate” decision the CA Supreme Court has ruled that majorities don’t matter. This is a very clear example of Judges making law! Laws are to be decided by elected officials put in their positions by “The Will of the People” not by activist judges. These Judges are abusing their power to push an agenda that is very clearly not “The Will of the People”.

We are fast approaching an election cycle. We need to quickly decide if we want to turn over control of our laws to a few judges with an agenda or do we want to keep the decisions for ourselves. The answer is very simple. Ask your candidate before you vote for them what type of Justices they will appoint. If those Justices are not strict Constitutionalists that understand they are not to make laws then pick another candidate. Take back the mantel of power. Let’s turn our Country’s direction back over to the “The Will of the People”! God Bless America.

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