What if--A Video of Obama Beating his Wife?

Written by Paul Zannucci on 8:40 AM

What would you do if you had a video of Obama beating his wife? Would you sell it to CBS for millions of dollars (so they could lose it until after the election) or would you keep it for your own personal pleasure, watching it over and over again? I'm not advocating wife beating--just wife beating watching. Hey, maybe you could make copies of it and get the best of both worlds: turn one in to the police and keep the other for your personal viewing pleasure.

I'm a member of the Tennessee GOP who Obama told yesterday to leave off attacking his wife: OBAMA TELLS TENN. GOP: LAY OFF MY WIFE. Let me make one thing perfectly clear, if you want your wife to stop coming under attack, stop sending her out on the campaign trail. I used to think that Hillary Clinton was the most reprehensible First Lady in history, but if Obama wins the presidency we're going to take this to whole new heights. Michelle, what a beautiful name to be destroyed by association, is like having Louis Farrakhan with boobs traveling around the country giving speeches. Granted, the boobs are an improvement, but they can only get you so far. Well, actually they can get you as far as you want in certain situations, but not on the campaign trail.

Bottom line: If she's going to be a public figure, out there spreading her racial hatred and her hatred of country, then she is a target like every other public figure. Let's make this perfectly clear. Obama can't tell me (though he wants to) what to drive, how much to eat, what to set my air conditioning on and to lay off public figures. The fact that he keeps thinking that he can, in fact, tell me this is more than a bit disturbing.

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