Jesus, Take the Pump--Please

Written by Paul Zannucci on 2:37 PM

Somewhere in that headline is a joke; I'm certain of it. Either I'm making fun of the Jesus Take the Wheel Song, or that joke about "take my wife..." Anyway, gas prices have become so ridiculous that we've taken to praying they'll come down. Despite nearly constant lobbying, I don't get to decide which prayers get answered and which ones don't, but this is one I would toss in the "quit whining and take care of it yourself" bin, but I'm humble enough to let God choose whatever He wants to do with it. (for one example of people praying for lower gas prices, go here

This whole thing reminds me of the familiar Christian story of the man stranded on the top of his house during a flood. He keeps praying to God to save him, but turning down boats that arrive just for that purpose. When he finally drowns and goes to heaven, God asks him why he didn't get on any of the boats He sent.

Perhaps God will rain down miracles upon us tomorrow and all will be well at the gas station, but, more than likely, we need to consider what is there for us already.

We have allowed the anti-capitalist movement to set a worldwide agenda regarding environmental issues and global warming that will not permit us to drill for oil in places where vast reserves await untapped. Granted, any expansion of the use of fossil fuels is more a bandage on the problem than a real fix, but right now we need to stop the bleeding. If we have any hope of accessing these underground oceans of oil, be they in Alaska, or shale, or under the sea, we have to put the right people in office. That's not likely to happen for awhile, as the Democrats seem poised to take all branches of government in the approaching elections, so we need to find another solution.

Like most solutions, this solution fits the perfect conservative mold. Essentially, it is up to you. we need an interim conservative movement that encourages vast conservation. This is not giving into the propaganda of the Democrats. It is a practical solution to a problem that only we, as individuals--not the state--can fix. Since there may never be new refineries in this country or new oil fields, it is time for the citizenry to take charge, which is what America is all about anyway.

One of the pitfalls of the two-party system is that we polarize on every issue even if it makes no sense to do so. As such, I feel almost compelled to waste gas simply based on the idea that the other side is trying to get me to use less of it. Do I really want to base my actions off of what the Democrats think? Hell, no. I want to base my actions upon what works and what is right and for my own reasons. I'm not saving gas to reduce my greenhouse gas emissions. I'm doing it to save me money and stop buying so much terrorist oil.

We all know what to do. If we're in the market for a new vehicle, we can look for flexible fuel vehicles or hybrid vehicles. We can carpool. We can take fewer trips to the store. We can eat at home instead of driving to the restaurant.

And, no, that doesn't mean we've become a bunch of tree huggers. It means we've gotten into the boats that God sent while we were stuck on the roof of the gas station.

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