Your Hybrid Got Run over by My SUV.......

Written by D. Pitney on 8:07 AM

In keeping with the musical references, just a brief post to let Paul know to stop drinking the “Liberal Kool-aid” and step away from the tree he is hugging. With recent reports suggesting that oil costs may raise another $100 to $150 a barrel we can not give up the fight. We must continue to push politicians on both sides of the fence to access North American sources of oil. Oil is the life blood of an industrial society. Conservation is fine but is not the answer. If the body is losing blood you do what you can to stop the bleeding but eventually you must get the body more blood. The answer to more oil is simple. We must drill domestically and build additional refineries. We must stop believing that our consumption is some how wrong and evil. We are the greatest nation in the world and should be able to enjoy our prosperity guilt free. So for now, I am going to enjoy running over your little hybrids with my big gas guzzling SUV. God Bless America.

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