John McCain's Pastor--Nice Try ABC, or Maybe 'Thanks'

Written by Paul Zannucci on 12:54 PM

In a desperate attempt to even up the pastor score, ABC runs this expose on John McCain's minister: McCain Pastor: Islam Is a 'Conspiracy of Spiritual Evil'

Let's go through some lines here and see what we find about this evil minister, shall we?

"Islam is an anti-Christ religion that intends through violence to conquer the world," Parsley says on the DVDs reviewed by ABC News.

This would be more shocking except for the fact that Islam actually is anti-Christ (they don't believe he was the Son of God) and that Islamic leaders repeatedly make "conquer the world" type statements. Only a head-in-the-sand liberal organization like ABC could miss the jihad that's been going on for so many years now. Here is how a mainstream Islamic, Hassan Al Banna, leader put it: “For we want the flag of Islam to fly over those lands again, who were lucky enough, to be ruled by Islam for a time, and hear the call of the muezzin praise God. Then the light of Islam died out and they returned to disbelief. Andalusia, Sicily, the Balkans, Southern Italy and the Greek islands are all Islamic colonies which have to return to Islam’s lap. The Mediterranean and the Red Sea have to become internal seas of Islam, as they used to be”.

To read a series of excellent pieces on Islam, visit the Michelle Malkin site here.

Parsley says he can be silent no more about Islam. "I will rail against the idea that the God of Christianity and the God of Islam are the same being. I will sound the alarm about the pernicious agenda of the enemies of my country and the cross of my Christ, and I will proclaim the truth at every opportunity."

God forbid someone should suggest that Islam and Christianity are two different religions and then, what the heck, sound the alarm about the enemies of Christ and country. What kind of a world have we moved to when this sort of statement is considered newsworthy and an assault on moral decency?

"I would counter respectfully that what some people call extremists are instead mainstream Muslim believers who are drawing from the well at the very heart of Islam"

I fail to see how this statement can be argued with. Every time someone publishes a cartoon with the image of Mohamed in it, thousands upon thousands of every day Muslims rush the streets all over the world and riot.

"America was founded with the intention of seeing this false religion destroyed," Parsley says, "and I believe Sept. 11, 2001 was a generational call to arms that we can no longer ignore."

Okay, maybe that one is a little crazy, but it also says on his website that Parsley does in fact distinguish between radical Muslims and non-radical Muslims.

All in all, this reminds me of the NY Times piece on McCain. If this attack gets widely reported, it will only help McCain in the polls. Mark my words.

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