Convenient error on Obama site as Dems move blame for "whitey" rumor to Republicans

Written by Paul Zannucci on 9:46 AM

Democrats begin the process of ignoring reality and shifting blame towards the Republicans regarding rumors about Michelle Obama's supposed "whitey" tape, despite the abundant evidence that this was obviously a last ditch Clinton ploy to stay in the race. Libs have dragged out the usual suspects, blaming Rush Limbaugh and conservative bloggers for starting and circulating the rumor.

Without Hillary in the race, it becomes convenient to simply shift blame from Clinton to McCain.

According to this Associated Progressives (AP) story, "The rumor that Michelle Obama used the word "whitey" in a diatribe at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, and that a videotape exists, has circulated on conservative Republican blogs for weeks and was repeated by radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh."

This completely ignores the fact that the Republicans mostly picked up their information from shrill Clinton blogs, such as, and were generally suspicious of what was really out there. Almost every pro-Clinton blog I checked towards the end of May and early June was ablaze with anticipation for this tape. This blog, Conservative Principles, noted only that the "Whitey" tape likely didn't exist.

Taking a trip to the site of the poor and persecuted Obama,, one sees a convenient error in a timetable of the Michelle Obama "Whitey" tape flap. The first source it lists, suggesting it as the originating source, is--guess who--Rush Limbaugh on May 30th. It then lists NoQuarter as getting on board on May 31st. Even a casual search finds this story from NoQuarter, Will Barack Throw Mama From the Train? [Update Two], which is dated May 16th.

Of course, the ever accurate and truthful Larry Johnson who runs the site claims to get his information from four sources who are close to senior Republicans. This again, is mere convenience (lying), as it would be nearly impossible to imagine that there are any Republicans at all who would actually carry on a conversation with this volatile lunatic who has been first to break a whole host of untrue stories detrimental to Republicans, including one on an imaginary indictment of Karl Rove.

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