Ron Paul Ends Campaign

Written by Paul Zannucci on 7:27 AM

From FoxNews we get Ron Paul Ends Campaign, Will ‘Shift Gears’

In Paul's case, this "Shifting Gears" part means he will be working on his "Campaign for Liberty" to elect more libertarian-leaning Republicans to office. “Freedom is very popular. Not only is freedom popular, freedom works,” Paul told supporters.

If I were a member of the LGBT community (see post below), I'd say, "You go, girl!"

Too many times, the average Republican falls into the same routine as Democrats--shamelessly pandering for every last vote by offering their own, slightly cheaper, version of the latest liberal cause. When they aren't doing that, they are concentrating on populist issues, like flag burning, that they think will appeal to their base. What they really need to do is focus on liberty, adherence to the constitution, and reducing the size of government.

For a fringe candidate, Ron Paul actually drew quite a few votes this year, showing that this is a message that people like to hear. I would say that this bodes well for his future except that he's older than McCain. We need to find us a young Ron Paul.

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