McCain on why the Supreme Court made a lousy decision.

Written by Paul Zannucci on 10:05 PM

Another good reason to see McCain as the sane choice.

First of all, you have recidivism. And these are not drunk drivers. These are terrorists. When you have recidivism amongst terrorists, potentially thousands could die. Already some 30 released prisoners have gone back to their old trade.

Next, you have cost and information security. How much will it cost to bring all these folks to trial in U.S. courts? Besides standard court costs, I doubt that any of them will be calling the family attorney to represent them. We'll have public defenders, at taxpayer expense, filing motions to delay proceedings, to release confidential information, to pay for expert witnesses, etc. Then, just when you think you're about done, the terrorist will demand a new attorney...and get one.

Last, you'll open up an avenue for anyone who is then released to come back and file lawsuits.

Twenty out of the last 28 years we've had conservative presidents, and this is as good as we've managed to get the Supremes. Don't think Obama will squander his opportunity to advance the liberal agenda in the courts.

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