McCain Wobbling on the Tightrope

Written by Paul Zannucci on 9:33 AM

Give me Obama and a bomb shelter, and I'll be fine.

According to polls taken on the 17th and 18th of June, John McCain is struggling mightily with his base while trying to woo voters from the middle and the left. In fact, in what could only be described as a surreal development, 11% of Republicans are currently fawning over the far left Obama. In fact, if you look at the numbers, McCain, who is struggling in nearly every battleground state and several that shouldn't be battlegrounds, is leading among independent voters. The problem is that Democrats are inspired by their candidate, and Republicans are lukewarm.

The real problem, though, is that Republicans are missing the point of this election. This is a battle for liberty, for individual rights, for limited government, for national security, for fiscal responsibility, for states rights--for a having a man in the White House who believes that America is special, not a broken down haven for racism and class envy.

If you are conservative and you go to John McCain's website today, you are likely to grow a little queasy. Just as a warning, the big new thing is an ad promoting McCain as the "green" candidate, so don't visit if you are squeamish. In fact, it might be better if you avoid the site every day between now and November. On it, you can find all the details of McCain's "Cap and Trade" program, his comprehensive immigration reform, etc. We Republicans tend to see our candidates mostly in terms of the issues we disagree upon.

In this election, that couldn't be more harmful.

Taken together, Barack Obama's proposals amount to the greatest redistribution of wealth since FDR instituted the New Deal during the Great Depression. Don't' think you'll get rid of "Cap and Trade" and the immigration issue by ignoring McCain. You can be promised the same or worse with Obama.

Then you get to ad tax increases on "the wealthy"; nationalized health care that includes vastly expanding government run insurance; expansion of the earned income tax credit to allow even more people to get a "tax refund" from other people's taxes; expanded hate crime statutes; a ancient Egyptian sort of comprehensive program designed to draw all Americans into "service" for their country, which includes plans for "enabling" senior service, for requiring 100 hours of service for college students, for expanding middle school and high school service, etc.; various taxes and "caps" and "incentives" for businesses that are already struggling under the weight of Democratic energy policy mismanagement.

Literally, I could continue to write the remainder of the day on everything Pharaoh Obama would have us doing over the next four years, but if you've been paying even the slightest amount of attention, you should realize by now that it's not about the couple of items upon which you disagree with McCain. Even if you've missed all the areas in which you agree with McCain, like lower taxes, controlling spending, and state's rights;you have to know it's about more than that. It's about so much more than that.

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