Dick Morris Says McCain is Winning the Energy War

Written by Paul Zannucci on 10:16 PM

Our favorite Democrat john turned conservative commentator, Dick Morris, has an article at Real Clear Politics extolling the political virtues of John McCain's call for offshore drilling. Pointing out, as I've said over and over, that such a call leaves Democrats in the uncomfortable position of being on the wrong side of the polling on an extremely important issue.

He also points out the fatal mistake by OPEC. By allowing it to come to this, they have doomed themselves. They have no product but oil, and now America is damned and determined to stop buying it from them. Not only that, we're determined to out-produce them and make oil obsolete all at the same time. So where are they going to get their money then? Well, there's always gum Arabic, I suppose, and maybe saffron--and, of course, lunatics. They have lots of those to export.

McCain Scores With Offshore Drilling Proposal

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