The Media Assault on Dems Who Won't Fall in Line

Written by Paul Zannucci on 6:44 AM

We're seeing much made of nothing as the mainstream media falls over itself in apoplectic indignation at the thought that some moderate liberals won't hop into the extreme left conga line that has formed behind Obama. When a liberal adopts a populist cause, such as assaulting the rich or big oil, the media never suspects political expediency, and yet that is exactly what it sees the moment a more conservative Democrat withholds his public adoration of the anointed one.

In this article from the AP, Not all Democrats falling for Obama, we have reporters Ben Evans and Sam Hananel offering such proper journalistic speculation as, "Some are counting on Republican votes in their re-election bids. Some are newly minted and in rematches with 2006 opponents. Some may be wary of how their constituents will react to a black presidential candidate. Some, too, have made it a practice of distancing themselves from the national party, fearing the inevitable campaign ad that has their face morphing into Howard Dean, the party chairman, and Obama."

Elsewhere they do the legwork to find someone, Senator Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., who will give them a quote to back up their theory, "They are all scared to death about getting beat by a Republican...I don't think that if the good Lord himself had been nominated as a Democrat that some of those folks would have endorsed him. They are afraid of looking too much like a Democrat because of the kind of districts they're from."

In its shrieking hysteria over the "defections", the article also manages to play the race card, the southern card, the headhunting Republican card. It is nearly enough to give one sympathy for poor Barack Obama, who can't count on anyone to support him due to mischievous, ulterior motives. We would all just absolutely love him if only he weren't black or spuriously labeled a liberal. One can feel the true angst coming out in these emotive journalistic masterpieces. Unfortunately, journalism is supposed to be something else altogether.

Update: Contrast the above article with this piece from The Hill, about 14 Republican members of Congress who won't endorse John McCain. Here, emotions are left on the cutting room floor and differences in political philosophies are blamed.

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