No wonder liberals like Obama: Convenient Morality

Written by Paul Zannucci on 8:24 AM

<----Medal of Honor for the Libs

From The Huffington Post we have this little gem by R.J. Eskow, Letter to a Clinton Supporter. In it we find the author explaining his differences of opinion with the Clinton supporters and his hopes, though he won't beg, that they will find their way back to the party in time to celebrate Obama's coming victory.

Mr Eskow writes, "Sure, we've had our differences. We've seen the Clintons in very different ways, you and I - especially their campaign tactics. Where you've seen honest if tough campaigning, I've seen the cynical manipulation of divisive emotions and a desire to put self before others."

Just like Obama, liberals have spent most of the last twelve years worshiping at a church (First United Clinton) with an atrocious history. The Clintons are egomaniacal political scum. Anyone paying attention has known this for ages. The general voter can be forgiven, but the liberal political commentators and those at the top of the Democratic party cannot. The leading liberals didn't decide to throw the Clintons to the dogs until a pretty alternative came along. Congratulations Mr. Eskow for making this decision to come out against the Clintons when it was convenient for you.

From the Whitewater days in Arkansas to vandalizing the White House on the way out, it would take me all day to chronicle the reasons an "in touch" liberal should have dropped this crew long ago. Just as Obama was sitting in the congregation listening to hate spew forth from his minister for years, the Democrats smiled and nodded at all the Clinton tricks, all the while knowing these folks were power hungry hooligans.

Want to see the proof that liberal leaders knew the Clintons were bad news and didn't care? Look no further than to what happened when Obama came along. Here were the Clintons who, by their accomplishments, should have been considered modern day progressive heroes, and here was Hillary Clinton, potentially the first female president and wildly popular with the electorate. And then here came Obama. He couldn't defeat Hillary in the Democratic stronghold states or in the popular vote overall (remember how important this popular vote used to be to Democrats?), but the party leaders started selling this guy as though he were the messiah. Next thing you know, the liberal controlled media is hammering away at Hillary and depicting Obama as the unstoppable leader of an unrivaled movement--despite the fact he wasn't winning the majority of the democratic votes. It was a an orchestrated con job on the electorate that is still going on today, and all because they saw a convenient way to chuck the Clintons. They suddenly had an option and a hallelujah moment couldn't be far behind.

Perhaps that explains why Obama is getting a virtual pass in the mainstream media for attending the church of hate for twenty years before chucking them when it became convenient. It's because they are liberals, and they fully understand the concept of convenient morality.

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