Al and the Apocalypse: EPA Likely to Regulate Greenhouse Gases

Written by Paul Zannucci on 8:54 AM

According to various articles like this one here, Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA and not the love child of any known famous Jackson, is planning to decide "whether to target greenhouse gases as a public health threat."

What this means is that tons of businesses struggling under a faltering economy will have to now apply for EPA permits and follow stricter and more costly guidelines. Considering that the "science" behind global warming is anything but settled, this is merely another Demwit overreaction.

But it doesn't stop with the usual companies because another greenhouse gas is methane, the sweet byproduct of butts everywhere, both human and bovine. From the Daily Leader, we get:

It seems the EPA has come up with an idea on how to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act that could result in permitting fees or “taxes” on livestock operations. Because of global warming they want to make livestock producers pay a tax on their animals based on the amount of carbon dioxide their animals release into the air in the form of flatulence...Farm Bureau calls it the “cow tax” and says farmers and ranchers can’t afford to pay it.

Even though they are calling it the "cow tax," it would actually impact the hog industry as well. And the bottom line is more hardship not only for family farmers, but also for families everywhere. Can you imagine what a gallon of milk will cost by the time these fruitcakes are done?

This is what you voted for, America. I hope you enjoy it.

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