Moonbat du Jour: Roland Burris

Written by Paul Zannucci on 8:36 AM

It's never a shocking thing to learn that a Demwit has an issue with the truth. After all, without populist lies, scare mongering and half-truths, there would be no Demwits. But this one actually surprises me just a tiny bit: that newly minted Illinois Senator Roland Burris helped to raise money for Rod Blogojevich and probably perjured himself before the state House panel.

I actually felt a little sorry for this clown, who seemed to have been caught between an idiot and a moron after being appointed by Blogojevich and challenged by Harry Reid. Now, according to an article from, an Illinois prosecutor is reviewing Burris's statements before the panel, and his chances of winning the Demwit nomination are slim.

When did lying and perjury become an issue for Demwits? They must really dislike this guy, which almost disqualifies him for Moonbat Du Jour--almost, but not quite.

So here's to you, Roland Burris, you are the one zebra in the herd that gets dragged down by the lion, the liar amongst liars, the bottom of the Demwit food chain. You are the Moonbat du Jour.

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