Moonbat Du Jour: People's Republic of Denver

Written by Anonymous on 6:49 PM

Liberalism has wussified and californicated the once proud and brave frontier town of Denver. The effete metrosexuals have reduced the city to to a shivering, piddling down its leg inbred toy dog cowering at the foot of the Rockies. Buffalo Bill is rolling over in his grave.

AURORA A Cherokee Trail High School senior who had a ROTC-style drill team rifle in the back of her car has been suspended from school and will face expulsion, officials said.

Marie Morrow, 17, a member of the Douglas County Young Marines, said she brought a wood and duct tape reproduction of a rifle to school Thursday in preparation for drill team practice. When the rifle was spotted in the back of her car by other students, she said, school administrators suspended her for 10 days pending an expulsion hearing.

The little liberal pot smokers who tore the McCain bumper stickers off of Marie's car were scared when they saw the drill rifles, so following their socialist indoctrination to the letter, they rushed to tell their liberal overseers.

This is not about protecting kids. It's about conditioning them to have an adverse Pavlovian response to firearms. Schools have failed at teaching our kids math and science, but they've sure got the social indoctrination down.


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