Moonbat Du Jour: Jeffrey Immelt

Written by Paul Zannucci on 11:04 AM

Hot off of making NBC and MSNBC the official propaganda wings of the Obama campaign, GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt has now been named to Barack Obama's economic advisory board, along with such eminent individuals as Anna Burger, the head of the semi-communist American labor movement, Change to Win.

So what kind of advice can Immelt offer to comrade Obama?

1) Obama wants to open dialogues with Iran, and Immelt certainly has ties there. GE has been doing business in Iran for years, even helping to support Iranian terrorist activity in Iraq.

2) GE helped to pioneer and bankroll some of the more ridiculous mortgage guidelines that led to the current mortgage crisis. No one was out in front of GE in the reverse equity mortgage business back at the turn of the century, as they were at one time offering homeowners ways of getting 100 percent mortgages with a side order of HELOC.

3) GE exacerbated this mortgage mismanagement by insuring other mortgage companies and encouraging this bad banking behavior. In the end, GE managed to get a $140 billion bail out to stay in business.

Immelt and Obama seem a couple made in heaven, which makes Jeffy the Moonbat Du Jour.

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