Al and the Apocalypse: Global Cooling Continues...

Written by Paul Zannucci on 10:00 AM

Article to read: from IceCap, Global Cooling Continues

Continuing a decade-long trend of declining global temperatures, the year 2008 was significantly colder than 2007, and global temperatures for the year were below the average over the past 30 years. The global temperature data, reported by NASA satellite-based temperature measurements, refuted predictions 2008 would be one of the warmest on record.
Data show 2008 ranked 14th coldest of the 30 years measured by NASA satellite instruments since they were first launched in 1979. It was the coldest year since 2000.

Here's a rhetorical question for all the climate "scientists" out there. Last week, during the only day that I checked, local temperatures were expected by climate "scientists" - meteorologists -to top out at 58 degrees. We actually made it to 65 degrees. If a forecast made early in the day, or the day before at worst, is so completely unreliable, why should I believe your predictions for 50 years from now?

What we don't know about climate would fill an entire set of books on climate, and today's climate "scientists" are as close to future climate scientists as alchemists of the 16th century were close to today's chemists. It's a joke, plain and simple.

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