Moonbat du Jour: Hilda Solis, Labor Secretary

Written by Paul Zannucci on 10:24 AM

Article to read:, A Leftist in Labor

Hilda Solis was actually a fantastic choice for Labor Secretary. Who better to embody the Demwit notion of "Labor" than someone who is deeply committed to the "green" wealth redistribution platform? Who better to embody the Demwit notion of "Labor" than someone who is openly friendly to American communist and socialist organizations?

From the article: A Congresswoman since 2001, Solis is a member of the Progressive Caucus, the socialist wing of the Democrat Party in the House of Representatives. The Caucus was founded by the self-identified Socialist and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders—himself a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, which describes itself as “the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International.” The Progressive Caucus laments that “the concentration of wealth is a problem because it distorts our democracy, destabilizes the economy and erodes our social and cultural fabric,” a crisis for which it advocates “a package of legislative initiatives that will close America’s economic divide and address both income and wealth disparities.” In other words, Hilda Solis wants to spread the wealth around. And her lifelong record bears it out.

This is, after all, what Demwits are now all about. The Democratic Party has become the de facto American socialist party, and Obama's selection for Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis, is a perfect example of that.

So here's to you, Hilda baby, you are the Moonbad du Jour.

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