Uncle Sugar, Giga-Pimp

Written by Anonymous on 6:49 PM

The continuing saga of Uncle Sugar, giga-pimp, and Jane Doe, his hapless, captive crack ho.

Jane Doe lies sprawled on the shabby bed, her weary head resting on Uncle Sugar's hollow chest.

Her mind wanders back to when she was young and free. She was just a girl with a bright, open future. Uncle Sugar was just Uncle Sam back then, riding the range and looking out for danger: distant, never demanding, and never intruding his help upon anyone.

"Sometimes I'd just like to get out of here," she say unconvincingly, her tired eyes gazing over the ceiling of the seedy, vermin-infested hotel that once was the pride of the city.

"C'mon baby, you know that's crazy talk. Here, have another hit off the crack pipe."

"Ahhh, it feels so bad when I reach out," she thought, "but oh, so good when the buzz kicks in."

"How could I ever leave you, Sugar?"

"That's all right Janey, I'll steal us some more money tomorrow..."

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