What the Hell? What's Your Life Worth?

Written by Anonymous on 9:15 PM

$5000 is not enough for some US Air passengers who had that near death experience. I would think being given you life back would be plenty.

Here's a good example:

Joe Hart, a salesman from Charlotte who suffered a bloody nose and bruises, says he "would like to be made whole for the incident."
"Like to be made whole"? What the hell does that mean?

Boo Hoo! My plane fell out of the sky and all I got was a lousy bloody nose and 5000 dollars!

How is it that every tragedy (or now, miracle pulled out by a heroic pilot) gets turned into a cash cow?

Fox was touting Geraldo investigating the "Mystery" of why the pilot, Captain Chesley Sullenberger, was not talking to the press. Here's the answer: It's because lawyers and ungrateful passengers, goggle-eyed over the possibility of a big cash settlement, are lining up to make a bundle off of this heroic act that saved the lives of EVERYONE ON THE PLANE! Mystery solved.

This woman, God bless her, gets it:
Amber Wells of Charlotte says she's so thankful to have survived and to be with her 9-month-old daughter, Rayley, that she hasn't had time to think about her belongings.

She says she lost $2,000 of nursing equipment and a laptop computer, as well as a checked bag and a carry-on bag.

"Everything that's gone can be replaced," says Wells, 34, a senior manager for NASCAR. "My life cannot be replaced."

If all Americans had her attitude, heroes wouldn't have to hide from the lawyers.


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