PETArdation: McDonald's is Mean to Chickens

Written by Paul Zannucci on 9:42 AM

The towering intellects at PETA have started a campaign against McDonald's for "chicken abuse." They are so disturbed, in fact, that they have created a site called McCruelty at which you can watch an informative video that, amongst other things, claims that McDonald's chickens suffer broken bones.

In the slaughterhouses of McDonald's U.S. chicken suppliers, birds are dumped out of their transport crates and hung upside-down in metal shackles, which can result in broken bones, extreme bruising, and hemorrhaging. Workers have the opportunity to abuse live birds, and birds have their throats cut while they are still conscious...

Gee, the "opportunity to abuse live birds" would have been the only good thing about several of my past jobs, and PETA wants to take that away? PETA apparently wants some version of compassionate, assisted, Kevorkian-like suicide, where chicken processors hold the bird's hands as they are anesthetized and then put to sleep.

If you go to the site and watch the video, the key thing to remember is the phrase, "a chicken with its head cut off." There is a reason why this phrase exists. When you cut a chicken's spinal cord they run around, flap their wings, and generally act alive for quite some time. So are all these flailing chickens still alive or are they just having natural neurological reactions?

I don't know the answer to that, and I don't really care. Chickens are stupid, nasty and taste delicious. I'm going to get some nuggets for lunch.

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