Moonbat(s) Du Jour: Tennessee GOP

Written by Paul Zannucci on 3:34 PM

Three times in this decade Republicans have won enough seats to take control of the state's House and Senate legislative bodies. They were successful only once thanks to Demwit shenanigans and complicit Republican morons.

It is common knowledge, or so they would have you believe, that the Tennessee GOP is a shining conservative example of how a party should run. After all, while Republicans were taking a beat down just about all over America in the last two election cycles, the Tennessee GOP has raised its hands into the air and declared, "Our organization has been blessed by God!" What they failed to mention was that the god was actually Koalemos, the Greek god of stupidity and foolishness.

First of all, the Tennessee populace has become progressively more conservative since the 1994 Contract with America. At that time, Al Gore (gulp) and Jim Sasser were Tennessee's Senators, Demwits, both. 1994 saw the election of Bill Frist and Fred Thompson, and the state has moved gradually right ever since. So the idea that the GOP has some magical process that could be emulated by the party all across American is little more than a sad joke. They win because they aren't wild-eyed liberals despite their overwhelming incompetence.

In 2004, the state elected more Republicans than Demwits to the Senate for the first time in decades. At last Republicans were going to control the state senate. Right? Wrong. At the election to seat the new Speaker of the Senate, several Republicans joined Democrats in voting for the old speaker, Demwit John S. Wilder. Their excuse was that they felt a sense of loyalty to Wilder and so gave Democrats control of the Senate yet again. With more elections in 2006, the situation was finally rectified as some who had betrayed the decisions of the voters were replaced and more Republicans were elected. Finally, the Republicans really did gain control.

Then comes an equally amazing story. Republicans win more seats in the state House and gain an edge by one vote over the Demwits. Again, Republicans have a chance to grab control of a state house for the first time in decades, yet they fail again. How is this possible?

Republicans decided to nominate House Majority Leader Jason Mumpower to serve as speaker. The Demwits (maybe the wrong party is being called Demwits here) made a deal with sociopathic representative Kent Williams of Elizabethton, who couldn't care less about his constituents or the desires of the state voters so long as there something in it for him. The Demwits nominated Williams, and he ended up casting the deciding vote for himself. The GOP is so mad that they are in the process of ejecting, quite rightly, Mr. Williams from the party. Hopefully the voters of Elizabethton will vote him out of office during the next election.

And so once again the voters of the state of Tennessee must wait another two years for another election before they can grab control of a legislative branch that we thought we had already won. Barely a day goes by that the TN GOP doesn't call my house looking for contributions. Fortunately I have caller ID. It will be awhile before I answer that call.

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