Moonbat du Ecouter - Barack Obama

Written by Paul Zannucci on 1:09 PM

Obama is a moonbat for all seasons, but one thing that conservatives, and everyone interested in true liberty, must be prepared to keep an eye on is how Moonbat Obama ends up handling the question of the census. What is at stake here is a massive raping of the electoral college and congressional districting.

The debate is whether to actually count people or to estimate them. Guess who wants to estimate them? If you are thinking maybe it's the same party that can always find lots of extra votes during recounts, you would be correct.

Moonbat Obama has threatened, and then retracted, to bring the conducting of the U.S. Census into the purview of the White House. But the issue is still up in the air, and it looks right now like Rahm Emanuel will be able to bring leftist pressure to bear and stack the deck against dissenting political thought for some time to come.

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