Moonbat Du Jour(s): Congress

Written by Paul Zannucci on 1:10 PM

Okay, I'll try not to make a habit of lumping vast sums of moonbats together, but this deserves it. Both the House and the Senate have managed to pass their own versions of a stimulus package, and trying to determine which is better would be like the Underwriters Laboratories detonating various nuclear devices to gauge how consumer-safe they are. Or Consumer Reports rating poisons by taste, consistency and overall value. You get the point.

Quick note to politicians: a healthy free market economy is, to make it very simple for any Demwits who may be reading, consumer cash flow creating a natural supply and demand. Government spending, though well thought of by many economists, is a poor substitute for real economic activity. Here's a brief list of why:

1) The U.S. GDP is $77 trillion. Any fiscally responsible increase in government spending can only be a mere drop in the bucket of what needs to be happening.

2) Government spending, particularly in the form of useless pork projects, which is what these stimulus packages are, creates a very false economic situation. Gone is the natural, consumer-based supply and demand, replaced by a system of almost random spending. Will jobs created by pork be sustainable? Many will not be because the demand is artificial. The only benefit will be that the lucky few who get money thrown at them will probably run out and spend it or invest it in the stock market.

Any real stimulus package should have been based on getting businesses and consumers more cash. Lowering business taxes, mortgage interest rates, income taxes, death taxes, capital gains taxes, etc.

What did we get instead? Theft. We've redistributed the money of generations to come, and we've done it in the worst possible way--politically, essentially cash payments for favors past and present.

So here's to you, Congress. You are the Moonbats Du Jour.

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