Moonbat du jour: Tom Daschle, Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services (updated)

Written by Paul Zannucci on 8:43 AM

The Obama administration keeps working its special brand of green change, recycling all the old losers and their losing ideas.

I will forever remember the night that the good folks of the state of South Dakota sent the country a present and ousted Tom Daschle from the Senate. The only problem is that he never went home, and now that the Obama administration is on its knees regurgitating yesterday's change into the porcelain at the White House, we are going to get to see much more of him, or are we?

The news surrounding Daschle over the last few days has been inspiring--well, to me anyway. I mean, first we find out that he's brought in over $5 million from the health care companies he is supposed to reform. And now we learn that Mr. Daschle, who works for the political party that toils tirelessly to make certain that the old adage about nothing in life being free is true, didn't realize that he had to pay taxes on his free car and chauffeur, about $128,000 in taxes worth.
Elitism: not just a state of mind but also a tax liability.

But don't worry about any morality issues here. Daschle was just too stupid to pay. After being selected by Obama and having his tax shortcomings pointed out to him, Daschle started paying for all that old stuff, having made a tax payment of $140,000 and saying that he probably owes more, according to a report from the New York Times.
Wouldn't it be nice if we could prosecute these crooks for tax evasion?

It's the ultimate irony when a tax-and-spend liberal "forgets" to pay his taxes or claims, as Daschle does, that he just didn't know that he owed taxes for such a thing. So here's to you, Tom Daschle; you are the moonbat du jour.
(update: tax scientist Tom has withdrawn his name. I still believe the next step should be formal charges. We got Al Capone for tax evasion, right?)

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